Want To Join North Star?

Are you a print-maker keen to gain membership of a remarkably affordable studio right in the heart of Brighton?  Well we’re on the lookout for new members!

Here’s the deal :

New members are invited to apply by contacting the studio.

Key holder memberships are £50 pcm and include:

24 hour access with an entitlement to a plan chest drawer (plus storage space for inks etc) and 15 hours printing time a week.

New members join on an initial 3 month probation period. This is so that you can get a feel for the studio, to see if it’s right for you and so that we can see whether you’ll work well as part of the Co-operative.

New members pay an initial £50 key holder’s deposit and 1 months rent up front, totaling £100.

As the studio runs as a co-operative, members are also expected to attend regular meetings – usually once a month.

If you would like to come and have a look round or join the studio, please get in touch. You will be required to fill out a short form and invited for an informal, friendly interview with at least two members from your relevant discipline.

email northstarprintmakers@gmail.com


download the application pdf