Printmaker Profile : Ann March

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Foundation/ Pre- Dip course at Worthing Art College.

Graphics at Newport Art College, mainly in the Litho Room, taught by Derek Butler.

PGCE Brighton Art College.

lithographic printmaker Ann is exhibiting her prints at North Star in Brighton this May

Ann March : “Iron Embrace” Lithograph

Raised a family. Ran a business. Still running that business.

Did a refresher course in lithography at North Star Studios, taught by the great Maxie Vellenoweth.

Started Etching at North Star Studios, taught by Pete Kosowitz and Mary Gillet… also great.

Exhibited in the R.A. Summer Exhibition three times. Almost, accepted but not hung, about another five times.

Various Open Art Exhibitions over the years.

All my prints have been printed at North Star Studios.

north star studio print exhibitor, Ann March is showing etchings and lithography

Ann March : “Urban Landscape” Etching