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It’s spitting…
Monday’s solemn clouds of sobriety promise downpours that will wash away all trace of fun, drown idle daydreams and rinse the colour from the world, till next weekend at least…

But somewhere, weekday after weekday, still in pyjamas, the Petting Zoo staff will be adrift on rafts escaping the gloom and marveling at the weird and wonderful fauna that scampers and lollops over puddle and pool.

Exploring the space between societal roles (tinker, toymaker, layabout, loaf) the Zoo’s limited edition collectables aim to skirt realms both slick and goofy, to adorn nursery, boudoir, bachelor pad alike… and do so with a spot of dashing and a dash of stripe.

one colour serigraph

Petting Zoo Prints & Collectables : “Emo-Kitty and Nemesis” (Screenprint)

sick puppy club poster by petting zoo

Petting Zoo Prints & Collectables “The Sick Puppy Club” (Screenprint)


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